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Citation from Prof. Katsuhiko Takahashi, novelist (“Utopia of another world”)His letter of recommendation for Mr. Fujimoto and his Art Book: “THE LEGEND OF MONSTERS”.
The artist Aoi Fujimoto from Japan is unique in his way to describe the monsters figuratively. Even if there are other persons describing supernatural creatures or mysterious animals, I do not know other artists who continued drawing so many of them over such a long period. And these are beautiful and overwhelming pictures! Although in Europe there is tradition describing pictures of the monsters, it is often based on fear and awe. However, I think that Mr. Fujimoto is painting with love. I want to indicate that the darkness of the monster is just a Utopia. For me who writes a manuscript at night and loves the pitch-dark world, Mr. Fujimoto is one of my comrades. All the beauty of this world and brightness can only exist together with darkness.

(Description English Ver.)


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Jigsaw puzzle Misakisanshin
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Jigsaw puzzle Misakisanshin
"Hanging scroll"Suishowin
"Turtle goods God"Suishowin
Amulet card "Space Phoenix"Surface85X53mm Amulet card "Space Phoenix"Back85X53mm Case of Amulet card
"Space Phoenix"
PendantHead"Turtle goods God"Suishowin H1.7XW3X2.2cm10.6g "Flight of fortune"Suishowin
"Flock of golden"Suishowin
V&H size28cm
"Fruitful golden"Suishowin
V&H size28cm
PendantHead"Third eye"Suishowin16X21mm Treasure box"Good fortune"Suishowin 23X14XH6cm Treasure box"Ebisu"Suishowin
"Gold luck flowers"Suishowin
V&H size28cm
"Lucky dawn"Suishowin
V&H size28cm
"Six of citrus"Suishowin
V&H size28cm
"Box of beckoning cat"Suishowin 10X17XH6cm "Gold luck of Fountain"Suishowin V&H size23cm
"Carp to waterfall climbing couple"Suishowin 33.5X30.5cm "Earpick mascot"Mimikakitei 15cm "Light of luck gold"Suishowin 23.5X27.5cm "Gold luck of feng shui flower"Suishowin V&H size21cm "Bath mat of Feng Shui"Suishowin 46X67cm
"Six of citrus"Suishowin
Kitchen mat49X180cm
"Feng board of four gods"Suishowin V&H size19cm "Hotei like"Feng Shui picture
V&H size27.5cm
"Picture called happiness"Suishowin V&H size27cm "Daikokuten"Suishowin
V&H size27cm
"Billionaire treasure chest"Suishowin 23X14.1XH6.3cm "Five nest of boxes"Suishowin
Drawer five20×11.5×H6cm
"Gilt frame of feng shui flower"Suishowin V&H size22.9cm "MillionStar"Uri Geller'sWallet 100mmX195mmXT35mm "Amulet of Seven Lucky Gods"Suishowin 85×55mm2g
"Golden sunflower"Suishowin
V&H size32cm
Tree and better fortune ornament by which money becomes it. Sunflower and better fortune picture of miracle. DirectionBoard TomisatoCity. 27thTomisatoSuikaRoadRace2010
"Tiger"Stamp picture "Cassowary"Stamp picture Label of shochu Label of nihonshu
Horse's labyrinth eBook PDFfile 20Page
"Happy maze of picture book"
"Amulet card"Suishowin LINEstamp"BlueCat" LINEstamp"YoungKey"
Smartphone Cover Case Business card holder Cat T-shirt Owl T-shirt

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