Order and the address of the reference

Please contact me freely.

Art-works of my website is a super-rare thing@!

My art-book“ THE LEGEND OF MONSTERS ”is sold only at my website. It is ordered by E-mail to me, and it can be bought.
Payment is International payment services.
(The air mail charge is added to the price of the book, and the book is sent to you for 40 dollars.)
It is the book of scarcity value.

A painter also sells directly the original picture of a art book “THE LEGEND OF MONSTERS” with a frame. Since there is also a picture , please ask freely.
The original picture is contained in the beautiful frame.

The goods of my relation with various ART GOODS SHOP of this site are sold.
( As for other commodities, the cost sent to the commodity price is added though the book is an exception. )
There are various pleasant goods.

Request for the production of the picture or Illustration by the order is taken.
Any pictures are drawn.

The procedure of an order International payment services.
PEPlease let me know your name, your address, and the brand name of the order by E-mail.
@I don't accept telephone inquiries.
Please use E-mail for calls regarding merchandise.
Please click this and place an order.
QEI inform you of the amount of money including the carriage by E-mail after receiving the order.
REPlease remit from your nearby post office to my address by the method of INTERNATIONAL POSTAL MONEY ORDER.
Payment to Address AOI FUJIMOTO 241-17Goryo,Tomisato City Chiba 286-0211 JAPAN.
SEWhen the “International Postal Money Order” reaches me, I send you the commodity of the order.
If, please inform me by E-mail when you do not receive the commodity for one month or more.
To prevent the mistake, I hope according to the above-mentioned procedure.

Please connect an inquiry etc. with an order freely!
It is the last page. Thank you for looking-obtaining
Thank you

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